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2020-01-17 17:32

The Lanparte BMPCC Basic Handle Rig features a 15 mm rod baseplate, top handle, and a pair of 11. 87 long 15 mm rods that support the chest pad, handgrips, and optional accessories such as aBMPCC Basic Handle Rig with Follow Focus features a 15mm rod baseplate, top handle, and a pair of 11. 87 long 15mm rods There is a rodmount 1420 screw adapter for attaching an optional EVF, monitor, recorder, or other accessory The Basic Handle Rig kit also includes a DC power cable for powering the camera from Lanparte battery pinch lanparte bmpcc rig

Apr 23, 2019 Interview with Jerry Peng from Lanparte about new improved camera cage made specially for BlackMagic most popular 4K Pocket Camera. Lanparte tried to make camera mount and dismount very quick, as

Mar 22, 2014 Here is a proper rig that you can use with your Blackmagic Cinema or Production 4K cameras. It will let you easily handle the camera for handheld shots etc. This item Lanparte BMPCC4K Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K Full Camera Cage with Free Samsung SSD Mount KONDOR BLUE BMPCC4K Half Cage Rig for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K with Top Handle, NATO Rails, 15mm Rod, Cold Shoe, Bubble Leveler and Optional T5 SSD Holder, Metabones Speedbooster Bracketlanparte bmpcc rig DESCRIPTION Lanparte Rig BMPCC 4K Camera Half Cage for Blackmagic is a lightweight and compact design, perfectly fits the camera with no block for buttons, SD card and cables. Half cage design cuts most of the weight for the rig without bring any burden for shooting. It is equipped with a quick release Nate lock design top handle.

Lanparte bmpcc rig free

SmallRig Cage for Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K& 6k 2203 is a formfitting cage. It is securely locked to the camera by 1420 screws on the top and bottom, with additional locating pins and rubber pads on the base plate preventing wiggles and scratches. lanparte bmpcc rig Lanparte is the manufacturer for filmmaking camera rigs and accessories. We supply pro kit for Sony FS5& A7 series, Panasonic GH4 GH5, Canon, and Blackmagic URSA mini cameras. LanParte designs the products to free your camera and make you the comfortable shooting experience. The primary products line includes the camera rigs, follow focus, matte box, grips and magic arms, camera controller and

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