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2019-12-09 01:06

Crestron Green Light Express is a lowcost collection of dimming and switching panels with a feedthrough wiring configuration. These efficient lighting control panels are designed for use in office buildings, warehouses, parking garages, sports facilities, public spaces, and anywhere centralized dimming or switching is required.Remote Dimmer. The CLWDIMEXP supports dimming control of the same lights from more than one location. Easily replace existing dimmers and switches wired in a traditional 3 or 4way circuit with dim control from every location, or design new projects to accommodate remote dimmers wherever desired. crestron dimmer panel

Crestron simplifies design, installation, and startup of commercial lighting control with the right products and systems designed to work for the individual needs of each space in a building and integrate easily together for enterprisewide monitoring, management and control.

Certain trademarks, registered trademarks, and trade names may be used to refer to either the entities claiming the marks and names or their products. Crestron disclaims any proprietary interest in the marks and names of others. Crestron is not responsible for errors in typography or photography. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Dec 06, 2016 Crestron Introduces InWall, Centralized 010V Control for LED Lighting Wireless inwall LED dimmer and inpanel dimmer module make design, specification and installation of centralized LED lighting control easier and more flexible.crestron dimmer panel The Crestron CLX2DIMU8 is an eightchannel, twofeed universal dimmer module designed for 120V lighting system applications. It installs in a CAEN or CAENMLO enclosure and provides control of a wide range of dimmable lighting load types including electronic and magnetic lowvoltage, LED, incandescent, and 2wire fluorescent.

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Dozens of keypads, touch screens, wall box dimmers, shade controllers, and other peripherals can also be terminated within an enclosure, with separate compartments provided for high and lowvoltage wiring. If you require a complete UL Listed panel, Crestron offers this service through its UL Listed panel shop, providing complete infactory crestron dimmer panel The Crestron Design Center provides everything needed to propose and specify the most requested Enterprise Room Solutions. For your convenience, each room solution includes CAD drawings, bill of materials, CSI specifications, technical specifications, and more. Crestron wireless lighting control products integrate seamlessly into your homes dcor, without the need to rip out sheetrock or ruin paint or wallpaper. Perfect for retrofits or minor remodeling jobs, Crestron wireless lighting control products include a variety of dimmers and switches to match your needs and your homes dcor. Crestron GLPD Series power dimming panels feature fieldreplaceable dimming modules with a choice of technologies to address a wider range of applications and budgets. In addition Green Light Architectural Dimming panels have the option of dimming control for 010V dimmable fluorescent ballasts and High inrush power switching utilizing heavy duty modular relays for flexibility in switching 120 and 277 loads. BIMobject Corporation, acknowledged by investors with a Global Red Herring 100 award, and a public company on NASDAQ OMX: ticker BIM. We are the world's largest and fastest growing digital content management system for BIM objects.

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