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2020-01-19 14:31

Mike Lipay wrote: Ok, that got the image there, thanks. The only problem is that the image is tiny and misplaced. I was expecting it to take up the entire background. You need to make it do this by either making your BackgroundPanel object become the contentPane or adding it to the contentPane BorderLayout. CENTER.Feb 02, 2009  I m trying 2 run this code but i m not able 2 run it pls do help as i hav the following code and i want to add image on back of this panel so do help java add background image jpanel

How to add an image to a JPanel without using the ImageIcon class? Edit: A more careful examination of the tutorials and the API shows that you cannot add an ImageIcon directly to a JPanel. Instead, they achieve the same effect by setting the image as an icon of a JLabel. how to set image to Java swing background and buttons. 0.

Jul 10, 2014 I show you how to add an image as your background without covering up other Swing Components. java2s. com Email: info at java2s. com Demo Source and Support. All rights add background image jpanel Draw the image on the background of a JPanel that is added to the frame. Use a layout manager to normally add your buttons and other components to the panel. If you add other child panels, perhaps you want to set share improve this answer

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JPanel background picture? Home. Programming Forum Software Development Forum for add image in JPanel, you must create java class extends JPanel and you can make over in java add background image jpanel The default jPanel allows users to add a background color by calling. setBackground(Color colorname); but there is no way to set a background image so easily. The only option is to call in a separate class with modifications. You can simply use the following code to add a background image to a jPanel. How to add an image to a JPanel? Use a BufferedImage and add it to a JLabel. Then add the JLabel to the JPanel. To add background image to JFrame, use the getImage() method of the Image class Image img Now, draw the image Jan 22, 2007 But only the background image is displayed, the button isn't. 2. Create a frame, Create a normal JPanel Add a button into the normal JPanel add 2 JPanel(one with background added first) into this frame. use the frame. pack(); When I do this, the button only come to the front of the image when I move the mouse over.

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